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Due to shipping changes affecting the EU after July 1, 2021, please be aware that all EU customers are responsible for paying any import VAT, taxes, and fees associated with your order. Import VAT is charged by your country on orders under €150, and it must be paid to your local package delivery service in order for your package to arrive to you. The cost of international shipping through my shop does not include the import VAT charge, which is a separate payment you will need to pay to your delivery service. Orders cannot be refunded if you fail to pay import fees that allow your package to arrive safely to you.

Q. Do you accept commissions?

A. Sorry, I'm not accepting commissions at the moment. 

Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. Yes, I ship to most countries! Please note that you may need to pay tax on incoming packages, depending on the laws of your country. I use Standard International shipping through Australia Post. Due to COVID-19, international shipping is slow and unpredictable, so please be patient. You can find out more on the Australia Post website.

Q. Why is shipping so expensive?

A. Ceramics are both heavy and relatively fragile, and international shipping is expensive! I do not make a profit on shipping, and if the cost of shipping is less than you are charged I will reimburse you for the difference.

Q. What clay do you use?

A. I use stoneware clay, high fired. Most of my work is made from a local buff clay produced by Kim Lyons, and I also use white and gritty clays at times. All functional pieces are food, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Q. Why did you ship my artwork in a used box?

A. My goal is not to use any new packaging to send my work, where possible. I’ve even recruited family and friends into collecting boxes, paper and bubble wrap! This means we can save plastic from landfill and give paper and cardboard more use before they’re recycled. It also means you are not charged for packing materials.

Q. Why is the shop updated infrequently and irregularly?

A. I have a full time job as well as making art, so I just update the shop when I have enough pieces. I’m not running a business, I just love making things and I sell them because I don’t have room in my house for everything I make; I need to pay studio fees and buy more clay; and it makes me happy to know that the things I make live in someone’s home.

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